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Darker Nights

At the end of October each year the clocks go back and the nights get darker. During these winter months crime can be one and a half times higher as the hours of daylight are reduced, but do we take any extra home security measures during this time?

ADT went out onto the streets of Leeds to ask the public their views on the clocks going back and the darker nights. By following this link you can see the people’s responses and the information below provides you with some useful tips as to how you can keep your home safe and why it is so important.


Opportunistic thieves prefer to work when they are hidden by the darkness so most burglaries occur at night. This means it’s no surprise that the number of burglaries increases as the nights get longer during the autumn and winter months.

According to Halifax Homes Insurance claims data, the cost of a claim for a winter burglary increased by 14% compared to a summer burglary in 2012, and this winter burglary claim ended up costing £1,746 per incident.

When we asked people where they felt most secure many people responded “home”, however only one in five of us take extra security measures when the nights draw in.

By making sure all your doors and windows are always locked, and leaving lights and/or televisions on to make your home look occupied when it’s not, we can begin to reduce the number of burglaries. Please take the time to read out five top tips below to help tackle this increasing number of burglaries.


Top 5 tips to make your home more secure during the winter months

1. Burglars are less likely to target a home that looks occupied. Use a timer to switch lights on when you’re away (we have these available in the Maidstone & District Neighbourhood Watch shop along with other home security products).

2. Close your curtains and blinds so burglars can’t see your valuables through your windows.

3. Lock your sheds and outbuildings – and an outside light can blow the cover of darkness for a would-be thief.

4. Install a burglar alarm – the box on the front of your house will act as a visible deterrent, but you should also set the alarm for when you’re away, sleeping upstairs or even out in your back garden on Bonfire Night.

5. Carry out a general security check. It takes no more than two minutes to lock your windows and doors.



Our thanks go to Claudia Dalton for submitting this article.

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