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Fuel Theft


With the increasing cost of fuel the practice of fuel theft is becoming more and more widespread and more and more costly for the companies running fleets of vehicles, for factories, hospitals or private homes having oil fired heating systems or for haulage companies, farms and other businesses that have their own on site fuel supplies.

Whether the thefts are by opportunist thieves or organised gangs any theft can be a significant cost and can have associated problems beyond the theft of the fuel itself.

There may be additional associated costs for tank repairs, vehicle downtime or heating failure.

Another point to consider who is taking the fuel, some thefts may be from within an organisation and traditionally that can be very difficult to detect, in any event Fuel Shield has a solution to help keep your fuel safe.


The technology of the Fuel Shield sensors allows them to be used in many other ways. The sensors can be fitted to window bars, roller shutters, doors, containers, trailers or any other device that is normally cut or tampered with to gain access.


Typical premises that are common targets include, tool shops, pharmacies, fishing tackle shops and many others that hold high value stock that is easily moved on once stolen. 

Alarms can be set by police to make silent alerts in attempts to catch criminals who repeatedly break into the same place.


Catalytic Converter Theft


How many vans have had problems with catalytic converter theft, the Mercedes Sprinter model being a particularly common target. Something which takes a thief only minutes to remove and which is sold on for scrap at less than £100 can cost thousands of pounds to replace.

When thefts occur the thieves usually damage the rest of the exhaust system and the sensors. The supply of replacement parts is getting to be big business for the manufacturers but because it is happening so often the lead times for the parts are extending. For self employed drivers or small business owners alternative transportation may not be easy to arrange resulting in not only the repair cost for the vehicle but loss of trade as well. 

By fitting a fuel shield catalytic converter alarm with its flashing LED warning light any potential thief is likely to move to a softer target.



Future Developments


Fuel Shield will soon have a web site and mobile phone Apps that can take the co-ordinate location data directly from the text alarms to provide an immediate visual reference using Google maps.

We will also be able to provide a web based monitoring system for larger companies with multiple installations.

The monitoring system will filter alerts according to customisable parameters and provide them by email or as reports if not urgent.




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