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What is a Cold Calling Control Zone CCCZ?

Cold Calling Control Zones CCCZ are areas which are considered to be vulnerable to doorstep crime and where residents have, collectively, stated they do not want cold callers.

The main aim of the zones is to prevent incidents of doorstep crime (for example distraction burglaries), raise awareness of the activities of rogue traders who target vulnerable people, and give residents the confidence to say “NO” to uninvited callers as a Community. Thus reducing levels and fear of crime in the allocated areas.

Zones are clearly identified by signs on lamp posts at various locations, which inform traders they are entering an area where residents do not buy goods and services at the door. Each household will also receive helpful information such as hints and tips on how to deal with cold callers, plus contact numbers where support and advice can be obtained, as well as a door/window sticker to deter unwanted callers.

Residents are also invited to participate in regular evaluation of the project, allowing them to contribute to the improvement and expansion of future zones.

The zones have been hailed a huge success nationally and have been show to reduce overall crime in the areas where they now exist.

If you feel you have a potential problem in your area, are concerned for other residents, or would just like some further information, contact Linda Sinclair at or telephone 01622 604398.